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As the producer, writer and director Mark uses his long expertise in stage and screen drama to contrast light and darkness. From the start this is an atmospheric drama that progresses tellingly by episode, expression and vivid yet economical dialogue. Much of the drama unfolds in darkness from which the characters are seen to emerge gradually, as the truth is painfully revealed into the light.

The father is played by National Theatre of Scotland star Adam Robertson. Michelle is portrayed by Rachel Flynn and Jen by fellow Scot Kirsty Strain. All have distinguished careers in film, theatre and TV.

It is refreshing to see a film about Spiritualism which is both knowledgeable and authentic, and avoids clichés. A simple acceptance of the reality of spirit communication offers many new dramatic possibilities of which Dreaded Light is surely the precursor. Why has no one else done likewise? Perhaps this story will inspire others.

Dreaded Light is a welcome rainbow over a world still darkened by ignorant beliefs about death and resurrection, and the true purpose of life. When enough people come to know that life is continuous then the world will change forever – and it must.

Reviewed by Graham Jennings in the November 2022 issue of Psychic News™ Magazine. To subscribe and read the full article on Psychic News™ Magazine, click here.


Now streaming on Amazon Prime, Dreaded Light is a Scottish psychodrama based on a true story with horror and supernatural elements. Despite a low budget, the film has an authenticity to its approach that creates a low key impact, and places it alongside other efforts in the genre such as The Machinist.

The film depicts a bereaved father and daughter (Michelle), and a psychic medium who tries to help them. There are strong performances in all three roles, especially Rachel Flynn as Michelle, and the picture convincingly tells a story that is mostly free from cliché.

I connected with the narrative and characters on a deep level, having had some similar experiences. The folky soundtrack by cult Scottish band BMX Bandits adds to a moody, ominous atmosphere. It's great to see a film such as this made on Scottish shores, and while not for everyone, it may reward the viewer who has an open mind and likes something from the field.

Dreaded Light is now streaming on Amazon Video UK & US with a limited theatrical tour in Scotland planned.

Martin Sandison via Snack Magazine


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