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When Mark was speaking to composers, Duglas T Stewart (BMX Bandits) was suggested by mutual friend Iain Conroy. They met for a coffee and after listening to Duglas` passion for film music (and encyclopaedic knowledge) he was offered the job that day.

Here's what Duglas had to say about composing music for 'Dreaded Light' - "I have wanted to make soundtrack music for so long. Many of my songs start off as themes from imagined movies in my mind. When Mark asked me to create music for Dreaded Light I was thrilled. I found the themes in Mark’s script compelling. I visited the set and watching the actors work and seeing the location really fired my imagination. I chose to collaborate with Andrew Pattie who has been playing regularly with BMX Bandits in recent years. I knew Andrew would bring real musicality to the soundtrack. We wanted to make music for the film that has unsettling elements to it but also a lot of heart."

The music album for the film will be released on Vinyl and digitally by Tapete Musik

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